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武 汉/WU HAN



2022武汉时尚艺术季主题为:“新·元—回望&畅想” ,当人类在2021年开启了“元宇宙”,2022年注定会迎来数字化大浪潮这不仅能加速后疫情时代经济的复苏,而且将颠覆人类的生产和生活方式。“元”既表示宇宙的开端,也意味着数学的变量,因而有着化生万物的本源意义。受到这一概念的启发,我们回望城市的过去,畅想城市的未来,在可穿戴的艺术中搭建新的城市场景。
、| 2022武汉时尚艺术季时尚艺术展作品征邀通知:
In order to implement the National “14th Five-Year Plan” for Cultural Industry Development, play the leading role of fashion art in the development of cultural industry, stimulate cultural creativity, meet the diverse and high-quality cultural needs of the people, and fully display the outstanding achievements of art and design in colleges and universities in Central China to improve the quality of talent training, Hubei Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Hubei Provincial Artists Association, Wuhan Promotion Center for City of Design and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (hereinafter referred to as HIFA) have decided to organize the collection of works for the 2022 Wuhan Fashion Art Festival (hereinafter referred to as WFAF) Fashion and Art Exhibition. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


Exhibition Profile 

、|  2022武汉时尚艺术季由湖北省文学艺术界联合会、湖北省美术家协会、湖北美术学院、武汉设计之都促进中心主办,湖北美术学院美术馆、湖北IFA时尚艺术研究中心、时尚艺术学院、视觉艺术设计学院承办,邀请国内外艺术家、新锐设计师、院校师生和时尚品牌加入,打造长江主轴时尚艺术教育与时尚文化产业新名片,发挥武汉在长江文化产业带的创新中心作用。2022年武汉时尚艺术季时尚艺术展由湖北美术学院牵头成立组委会,时尚艺术高校联盟院校成员为协办单位,负责各项展览的具体组织工作,展览形式为线下展览(展览形式最终将根据疫情情况而定),彰显以“未来世界”为题材的主题创作时尚艺术作品,涉及可穿戴艺术与时尚插画多个领域,描绘“元宇宙”中虚拟现实交互设计的城市新象,展现对城市生活的回望与畅想。2022武汉时尚艺术季不仅是对以往武汉城市形象的回望,而且是对未来武汉美好生活的畅想。它以内涵式发展为主轴,寻求武汉城市与时尚艺术的多元视角,以“长江之心·时尚流域-城市未来”为主线,以“城市美育”为宗旨,强调“先锋、活力、传承、绿色”的理念,促进文化传播、品牌升级和价值共享,打造时尚艺术和文化产业融合发展的新生态。此外,作为高校教学成果的交流展示平台,2022武汉时尚艺术季既落实了产教研一体化的机制,又促成了学科之间的交叉协同,以此汇聚多元化时尚资源,积蓄产业发展新动能,在推进高校教学成果转化的同时提升城市生活品质。

The 2022 WFAF is sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Hubei Provincial Artists Association, HIFA, Wuhan Promotion Center for City of Design, and organized by the Art Museum of HIFA, Hubei Provincial IFA Fashion Art Research Center, School of Fashion Art and School of Visual Art and Design. It invites domestic and foreign artists, cutting-edge designers, faculty members and students, and fashion brands to join in to create a new symbol for fashion art education and fashion culture industry along the Yangtze River main axis, and to give full play to Wuhan’s role as an innovation center in the Yangtze River Cultural Industry Belt. Led by Hubei Institute of Fine Arts to establish an organizing committee, members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Fashion and Art will serve as co-organizers to be responsible for the specific organization of various exhibitions. The exhibition will be held offline (the exhibition format will be finally determined according to the situation of the epidemic) to highlight the creation of fashion art works with the theme of “Future World”, involving multiple fields of wearable art and fashion illustration, depict the new urban image of virtual reality interaction design in the “meta-universe” , and demonstrate the retrospect and prospect of urban life.

The 2022 WFAF is not only a review of the image of Wuhan in the past, but also a prospect for beautiful life of Wuhan in the future. It takes intention development as the main axis to seek multiple perspectives of Wuhan city and fashion art. In line with the general objective of “Centre of Yangtze River, Fashion Valley–City Future”,WFAF takes “Urban Aesthetic Education” as its purpose and seeks to promote the fashion art cultural exchanges, brand upgrades and value sharing activities and to create a new ecology for the integration and development of fashion art and cultural industries, with an emphasis on the cultural development concept of “pioneering, energetic, inheritance and green”. In addition, as a platform for the exchange and display of university teaching achievements, the 2022 WFAF not only implements the mechanism of integration of production, teaching and research, but also promotes cross-collaboration between disciplines, so as to gather diversified fashion resources and accumulate new momentum for industrial development, thus improve the quality of urban life while promoting the transformation of university teaching results.


Sponsored by

、| 湖北省文学艺术界联合会Hubei Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles

、| 湖北省美术家协会

Hubei Provincial Artists Association

、| 湖北美术学院

Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

、| 武汉设计之都促进中心

Wuhan Promotion Center for City of Design


Time and place of exhibition 

、|  展览时间:2022年4月—5月Exhibition time:April-May 2022

、|  展览地点:湖北美术学院美术馆

Exhibition venue:Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Art Museum



Theme of works 

、| 主 题:“新·元——回望&畅想”Topic:“New·Meta--Retrospect and Prospect”

、| 主题诠释:

Theme profile:




When human beings started the “Metaverse” in 2021, 2022 is destined to usher in a big wave of digitalization. This will not only accelerate the economic recovery in the post-epidemic era, but also subvert the way of human production and life. “Meta”not only represents the beginning of the universe, but also means the variables of mathematics, thus it has the original meaning of transforming and producing all things. In the context of the “Metaverse”, the city is placed between the virtual and the real, and human beings acquire experiences beyond their own and interact with each other in various images in different time and space. Inspired by this concept, we look back to the city’s past and imagine its future, creating new urban scenes in wearable art.


With“Meta-NO.1/360°”, “Meta-NO.2/180°” and “Meta-NO.3/90°”, the exhibition presents a new experience of urban life from different angles of “Meta”, creating a parallel universe of art one after another.


About the Work Selection Method

、|  2022武汉时尚艺术季时尚艺术展以可穿戴艺术为主线,包含服饰艺术、时尚插画艺术、纤维艺术、时尚影像艺术、实验艺术等载体形式。The 2022 WFAF Fashion and Art Exhibition takes wearable art as the main line, including clothing art, fashion illustration art, fiber art, fashion video art, experimental art and other carrier forms.

、| 参展作品应符合2022武汉时尚艺术季主题,为原创作品,具有创新性,并有一定的艺术与设计水准和内涵。

The exhibited works should conform to the theme of the 2022 WFAF. They should be original, innovative and have certain connotation of art and design.

、| 可穿服饰作品同一作者投稿不超过2件(套),时尚插画艺术作品高度不超过1.5米,纤维艺术作品、实验艺术作品展示空间高度不超过4米,参展作品最大规格不宜超过6平方米(个别大体量创作可与组委会另行沟通以便安排),时尚影像艺术作品视频文件画面要求:分辨率统一为1920*1080,MOV(QuickTime)格式、MP4格式或AVI格式。

No more than 2 pieces (sets) could be submitted by the same participant for wearable clothing works. The height of fashion illustration art works shall not exceed 1.5 meters( 59 inches), the height of the exhibition space of fiber art works and experimental art works shall not exceed 4 meters (157.48 inches), and the maximum size of the exhibited works shall not exceed 6 Square meters (for individual large-scale works, please communicate with the organizing Committee separately for arrangement), and the video file screen requirements of fashion image and art works: unified resolution of 1920*1080, MOV (QuickTime) format, MP4 format or AVI format.


Selection Method 

、|  2022武汉时尚艺术季组委会将组织国内外知名学者、设计师为武汉时尚艺术季时尚艺术展选出文艺传承奖、艺术创作奖、设计概念奖、设计新锐奖一等奖1名、二等奖3名、三等奖6名、FACE-FUTURE全场时尚艺术大奖2名及入选若干名。The 2022 WFAF Organizing Committee will organize well-known scholars and designers at home and abroad to select 1 first prize, 3 second prizes and 6 third prizes for Literary and Art Inheritance Award, Art Creation Award, Design Concept Award, New Design Award respectively, 2 FACE-FUTURE Fashion Art Awards and several finalists for the WFAF Fashion and Art Exhibition.


Delivery Method

、|  本届展览采用先报送作品照片参加初评,待作品入围后,再送原作参加现场展览的方式进行。This exhibition adopts the method of submitting the photos of the works to participate in the preliminary evaluation, and then sending the original works to participate in the on-site exhibition after the works are shortlisted.

、|  报名作品需提交报名登记表及作品照片各一份,服饰艺术、纤维艺术作品、实验艺术作品需提供作品照片为成品实物图,作品附加提供视频文件,作品照片至少提供作品正面、侧面和背面等3个角度的图片,照片不能少于3张,图片尺寸为7寸;时尚影像艺术作品视频以U盘方式交件(不接受光盘);时尚插画作品照片尺寸为7寸以上,效果应尽量接近原作。照片背面需粘贴《2022武汉时尚艺术季时尚艺术展报名表》(附表1),于2022年3月25日前报送至本届展览组委会办公室;同时发送可用于印刷的作品电子文件至组委会邮箱,格式为tif或jpg,3mb以上,精度不低于300dpi。

The registration form and a photo of the work are required to be submitted first. The photo of the work of clothing art, fiber art, and experimental art should be physical image of finished products, along with which a video file should also be attached. The photo of the work should be taken at least from three angles, namely, the front, side and back of the work, and there should be no less than 3 photos for each work, while the size of the picture should be up to 7 inches; the video of fashion image art work should be submitted in the form of U disc (CD-ROM is not acceptable); the photo size of fashion illustration work should be more than 7 inches, the effect of which should be as close to the original as possible. The “2022 WFAF Fashion and Art Exhibition Registration Form” (see Appendix I) should be pasted on the back of the photo and submitted together to the Organizing Committee office before March 25, 2022. At the same time, electronic files of the works that can be used for printing ought to be sent to the organizing committee’ s mailbox in tif or jpg format, 3mb or more in size, and the accuracy should be no less than 300dpi.

、|  报送作品原作时,需填写《2022武汉时尚艺术季时尚艺术展作品登记表》(附表2)。参展作品请寄送至指定地点,往返费用由参展人自行承担,或自行送取。

When submitting the original work, it is necessary to fill in the “2022 WFAF Fashion and Art Exhibition Registration Form of Exhibition Works” (see Appendix II). Please send the exhibited works to the designated place, and the round-trip cost shall be borne by the exhibitor himself or herself. Alternatively, you could send and pick up it by yourself.


SelExhibition and Works Release 

、|  本届展览参展作品将于2022年4月在湖北美术学院美术馆展出。所有参展作品在展览结束后退还。The works in this exhibition will be exhibited at the Art Museum of HIFA in April 2022. All exhibited works will be returned after the exhibition.

、|  主办单位有权使用获奖作品用于非商业用途,并向相关的报刊和网站推荐。

The organizer has the right to use the award-winning works for non-commercial purposes and recommend them to relevant newspapers, magazines and websites.


Organizing Committee

、|  地址:湖北省武汉市江夏区藏龙岛科技园栗庙路湖北美术学院A7教学楼时尚艺术学院Address: School of Fashion Art, A7 Teaching Building, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Limiao Road, Canglong Island Science and Technology Park, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

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