Experiential Graphic Design: Connecting People to Place

Since 1987, the SEGD Global Design Awards have set the standard of excellence for experiential graphic design—honoring design work that connects people to place by providing direction, content, and compelling experiences in public spaces. Since 2014, the awards have been juried in separate categories in order to ensure that projects are compared with like projects, e.g., wayfinding projects with wayfinding projects.




What Can You Enter?

1. Digital Experience Content (not advertising)

2. Exhibitions

3. Interactive Experiences

4. Placemaking and Identity

5. Public Installations

6. Strategy / Research / Planning

7. Wayfinding


1. 数字体验

2. 展览

3. 空间与标识

4. 公共设施

5. 调研 与 规划

6. 导视

For examples, visit

请登陆 研究和分析以往获奖案例。


Who Should Enter?

1. Experiential graphic designers

2. Environmental graphic designers

3. Graphic designers

4. Architects

5. Landscape architects

6. Exhibit designers

7. Industrial designers

8. Interior designers

9. Technology integrators

10. Digital content creators

11. User experience designers

12. Media developers

13. Creative agencies

14. Fabricators

15. Clients

16. Students


1. 环境体验设计师

2. 空间环境设计师

3. 平面设计师

4. 建筑师

5. 景观设计师

6. 陈设设计师

7. 工业设计师

8. 制造厂商

9. 技术集成商

10. 数字内容创作者

11. 用户体验设计师

12. 多媒体开发人员

13. 创意机构

14. 制作单位

15. 企业客户

16. 学生

How Will Your Projects Be Evaluated?

A multi-disciplinary jury representing a diversity of design disciplines, as well as clients, users, and students will evaluate your projects based on their effectiveness in connecting people to place, creating a unique and memorable user experience, and solving the client’s objectives and design challenges.

Honor and Merit awards will be selected in each category. In addition, one project will win a Best in Show award.



1 创造了独特而令人记忆深刻的用户体验,

2 解决了客户的需求,

3 是否克服了一些设计难题。



And If My Project Wins?

Winning projects will be featured in the SEGD17 awards annual and in the SEGD Global Design Awards archive on SEGD will also distribute press releases announcing the winners.

Winners will be honored at the SEGD Global Design Awards Celebration during the SEGD Conference, June 8-10, 2017, in Miami; attendance is a requirement of winning.


获奖项目将在SEGD 17年度奖项和 官网刊登和报导。SEGD美国环境体验设计协会也将向各类媒体散发新闻材料,公布获奖作品信息。

获奖者 2017 年 6月 8-10 日将在西雅图SEGD美国环境体验设计协会年会上受到表彰。我们要求获奖者都出席我们的年会。

The Fine Print (Contest Rules)

Entrants agree not to submit any entry that (1) infringes any third-party proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, personal or moral rights or confidentiality obligations; or (2) otherwise violates the applicable state, federal, provincial or local law.

Entrants must be the sole author and owner of the copyright in all content (text, images, video, etc.) submitted in connection with entered projects and represent that they have the right to submit the Content and grant all required licenses. Entrant shall provide (upon request by SEGD) proof of ownership and authority to grant these license rights to SEGD.

By submitting its entry, the Entrant grants an immediate limited, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free license to SEGD to use the content submitted for any purpose at any time in any media with attribution.

SEGD assumes no responsibility for any Entrant’s non-compliance with these Rules and accepts no liability for any Entrant’s violation of a third-party’s rights in the content submitted. SEGD reserves the right to seek indemnification or other contribution from the Entrant for any third-party claim of infringement relating to such content.

As a condition of participating in this contest, Entrant agrees to comply with all of these Contest Rules.


Project Eligibility

1. Projects must have been completed between January 1, 2014, and December 31, 2016.

2. Student projects must have been completed in 2015 or 2016 by full-time students.

3. Projects may be submitted by SEGD members and non-members.

4. There is no limit on the number of projects entered by an individual or firm.

5. Juror firms may enter projects on which jury members did not participate.

6. Projects must demonstrate the use of design elements (including, but not limited to, typography, symbols, pictograms, media, diagrams, and color coding) in the design solution and must focus on the communication of information, identity, or image in the designed environment.

7. A project may be entered in multiple categories; a separate entry and payment are required for each category.

8. Projects entered in previous years may be entered again if they did not win an award.


1. 参赛项目须在2014年1月1日至2016年12月31日之间完成。

2. 学生作品须在2015和2016两年完成。

3. SEGD会员或非会员皆可参赛。

4. 对于个人或单位,所报奖项目数量没有限制。

5. 作为评委的设计团队可以报奖,但不可以参赛他所要评审的那个类别。

6. 参赛项目须显示设计元素的使用,包括但不限于板式、标志、标识、符号、数字图形转化设计、多媒体、图示、色彩编码等。

7. 同一项目可投报多个类别,但须分别计费。

8. 以往参赛但未获奖的项目仍可继续拿来参赛。

Entry Requirements

1. Entries are judged anonymously. The project description, captions, and video should NOT include any information identifying the submitting firm.

2. Words, pictures, and fees must be submitted via the SEGD Global Design Awards online entry system.

3. Entries must comply with the Contest Rules.


1. 所有提交的参赛作品都将进行匿名评选。请勿在作品提交材料中插入任何提示性信息,如公司名称、设计单位或个人名称等。

2. 文字、图片和费用,必须通过SEGD全球设计奖官网在线系统提交:。

3. 参赛作品比较符合比赛规则。


Entry Materials
Up to 500 words describing the project, its objectives and challenges, and the primary features of the design solution and how it addressed the objectives and challenges. Ideally, describe the success of the project and how it was measured.
项目简介,不多于500 汉字,须包含:
1. 项目目标,
2. 设计解决方案特点
3. 对于项目目标和项目难点的解决方式
4. 项目成功之处

Pictures & Video
Built Projects
1. Up to 8 images (300 dpi, .jpg, 5MB limit) with captions (Identify one as
the“Hero Shot” that you would like jurors to see first.)
2. One video (mp4, .wmv, or .mov; 105MB limit), up to 2 minutes in length, only if it provides additional information
Unbuilt Projects, Research Materials, and Master Plans
In addition to the online entry, mail documents, sketches, presentation materials, and other relevant “hard copy” materials (with online entry number) to Jennette Foreman SEGD, 1900 L St., NW Suite 710, Washington, DC 20036.
1. 最多可提交8张图片(300dpi、jpg格式文档、5MB限制),每张图片须加注图示。(你想让评委首先审阅的图片,请标注为“Hero Shot”, 即“主要图片”)
2. 提交一份分钟视频(mp4、wmv、或者mov 格式、105MB限制)(可选)。
除了在线邮件文件外,草图、演示材料,以及其他相关材料,请将材料(附带作品提交号)邮寄至:Jennette Foreman SEGD, 1900 L St., NW Suite 710, Washington, DC 20036.

Entry Fees
1. SEGD Student Members: FREE
2. Student Non-members: $50/entry
3. SEGD Members: $325/entry
4. All others: $625/entry
Each entry submitted after January 31, 2017, will incur a $50 late fee.
1. 学生 SEGD会员: 免费
2. 学生 非会员: $50/项目
3. SEGD 会员: $325/项目
4. 非会员: $625/项目
在 2017 年1月31-2月14日期间提交的每个项目将加收50美金延迟费。

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